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Fixed Annuities Pros and Cons

A fixed annuity, in comparison to its counterpart, the variable annuity, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  The fixed annuities pros and cons carry a weight that is for you to decide and are totally dependent upon your personal situation. Please read below regarding the financial contributions and detractions to determine whether or… Continue Reading

What is a Fixed Annuity?

Out of the types of annuities, we will now discuss the fixed annuity.  So what is a fixed annuity?  A fixed annuity is very much like a certificate of deposit.  These, known as CDs, are simply investments of an amount of money that will earn at a specific interest rate as defined by the certificate… Continue Reading

Can I Sell My Annuity?

If you purchased an annuity in the past and no longer want it, you will eventually be asking the question, “Can I sell my annuity?” Well, the answer is yes.  If you bought an annuity you no longer want, you do have options to get rid of it. You can actually sell your annuity, or… Continue Reading

Exchange Annuity

Another great question from our readers who already have a bit of a background and some experience with annuities is the question, “Should I exchange my annuity for a newer one?” Before you just up and exchange annuity, make sure you have a good reason to exchange your annuity.  What this means is, make sure… Continue Reading

Is My Annuity Guaranteed?

This is a tricky question because we get this one all of the time, yet it always leads to confusion.  The reason this happens is because it ends up using terminology that is used for the guaranteed payment type of annuity. This question is, “Is my annuity guaranteed?  What are my annuity guarantees?”  Can you… Continue Reading

Annuity After Death

Another frequent question that is raised concerning annuities is, “What happens to my annuity after death?  After I die, how does my annuity play out and pay out?” This is a quality question that deserves some serious attention. What happens with your annuity after death completely depends upon the type of annuity you have chosen… Continue Reading

Annuity in an IRA

There is another question that gets asked occasionally that refers to having an annuity in an IRA.  This question usually comes in the form of, “Should I buy an annuity within an IRA?” Now, we’ve already discussed the benefits of an annuity.  One of the greatest advantages to having an annuity is that your investment… Continue Reading

Is an Annuity Right for Me?

This is a great question, the question of “Is an annuity right for me?”  There are many ways of investing your money towards your impending retirement and an annuity is one of them.  But there are other tax-advantaged investments you should be considering as well for retirement. The annuity is probably not the place to… Continue Reading

Early Annuity Withdrawal

If you already have an annuity withdrawal may be an option you are considering if you need access to your money. The problem is that early annuity withdrawal can be an expensive move, because there are going to be all kinds of penalties you are going to encounter, from federal penalties and taxes to insurance… Continue Reading

Annuity Payout Options

We now understand our options when it comes to annuity investments, but what about ages from now when you are ready to withdraw?  What about your annuity payout options? What you are determining when you start concerning yourself with annuity payout options is how you want your payouts calculated when you eventually cash out. There… Continue Reading